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“Hi! I’m Jona from Philippines. I graduated with bachelors degree of Secondary Education major in English. I am a licensed teacher with over 10 years of experience. I’ve acquired TEFL and TESOL certificate. I’m also a proud mother of two. In my career, I have taught various types of students and have a wide range of teaching experience both kids and adults with different levels and nationalities. My goal is to create a positive learning environment where all students feel valued. Teaching has always been my passion and I love making learning fun and engaging!”

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Course Description:

Our reading program is an exciting and comprehensive course designed to take kids on a journey of literacy and fluency. From beginner to advanced levels, our reading program aims to develop strong reading skills, expand vocabulary, improve comprehension, and foster a lifelong love for reading. Through interactive activities, engaging teaching methods, and personalized reading methodologies, children will progress from basic decoding to advanced literary analysis. Join us for an immersive online reading experience that will unlock new worlds of knowledge and creativity!

Course Features:

1. Interactive Classes: Accessible anytime, anywhere for convenient learning and practice.

2. Engaging Teaching Approach: Interactive visuals and teaching approach to enhance the reading experience.

3. Personalized Learning: Lessons are designed according to the student’s reading level and skills

4. Live 1-on-1 Virtual Sessions: Interactive discussions, guided reading, and Q&A sessions with the teacher.

5. Parental Involvement: Regular updates, resources, and recommendations for parents to support their child’s reading journey.

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Best tutor! Highly recommended! My 2nd times purchases! Keep to good works! Thanks Jona

It was an great experience for my son first time online tutorial class. Familiarizing sounds and objects of the alphabet. Five stars for Teacher Joanna not just for teaching  but most especially for the Loved and Support we felt for her during the class.
Kim Yohan, Philippines
Flag: Philippines on Facebook
Jona is so kind to my son and skillful on kids teaching. Jona is good, my son likes her
Jason Huang, China
Flag: China on Facebook

I like that they are very responsive to my queries. My daughter has been struggling with algebra and Teacher Kim was assigned to her. My daughter enjoyed the initial class and she’s looking forward to the next one! Good thing I found them on FB!

Anna Monette, Philippines
Flag: Philippines on Facebook

Highly recommended.try it!
thank you JonaTutorsHub🥰

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Excellent teacher. Patient and understanding. Provided a personalized class specific to my sons need. Will be booking again. Thank you

Vintagetq, Thailand
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